Taking stock

You need to take stock of your personal situation

A personal assessment serves to go beyond vague self-consciousness and to stand back from the failure, reflect on it and take stock.

We recommend that you go through all the items below in the order of your choice. Print out the fact sheets, complete them and think about them. A word of advice:  be honest with yourself!


Academic situation
Position yourself
Reluctantly abandoning one’s studies 
A few words about the grief process
Personal situation
Analyse your current situation and identify your strengths
7 years from now…
What do you really want for your future?
Working methods and exams 
Identify possible causes for your failure and means to remedy these
Make the most of your experience
 List your assets
Increase your chances of success
Draw up a plan of action
How you feel about failure
Explore what this failure means to you

The items for this assessment are directly drawn from the PhD dissertation by Catherine Mivelaz: “Un échec ! Comment rebondir”, Social & Political Science, Lausanne University, by kind authorisation of its author and of the Service d’orientation et conseil de l’Université de Lausanne.