Assistance to obtain the visa more rapidly

EPFL may help students in particular situations who still don’t have their visa 3 weeks before their scheduled arrival date into Switzerland by trying to speed up the visa procedure.

This is an emergency measure only.

Important information

  • The student services only help CMS, Bachelor, Master students, visitor students. Paid students (PhD and internship students) should ask the EPFL human ressources.
  • Despite EPFL’s assistance, there is no guarantee that your visa will be issued. Therefore please apply for your visa at least 3 months prior to the start of your planned studies. 
  • EPFL is not responsible for the granting of a visa.


1. Contact your embassy.

2. If your visa is not ready, you can contact us but no more than 3 weeks before the requested date of entry into Switzerland. Nothing will be undertaken earlier, as this is an emergency measure only.

To contact us, please use one of the following addresses:

Please note that if you are not in Lausanne by 30th September, there is no point in continuing to arrange to come to Switzerland since you will no longer be admitted to the courses.

3. Contact the embassy regularly to find out when you are likely to receive your visa as only the embassy can provide this information.